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December 26th, 2010

Another year gone!

Ok...not quite...but almost.  Looking back over it I see many big things have happened...

Have lost 58 pounds since Feb. (just about 30 more pounds to go in order to reach my goal)
Moved from Ventura County to L.A. County
Have forged some new friendships and have made stronger friendships with others

I would say all in all a pretty good year *knock on wood*  I still hope to end this perpetual singledom curse in 2011, so in trying to break onto the dating scene I've signed up with a few dating sites.  So far I've discovered that no one really reads your profile, and if they do, it's only certain info they seem to look at.  I suppose I could have put in that I was the queen of England and that would have totally been missed, ha!  Ah well, onward I go with it ,and we'll see if it leads to anything.  And if not, at least I tried.

August 22nd, 2009

Thoughts and more thoughts

So as I ponder over the last year and three months I dwell on a few things...

-I've had a new job that I love for over a year
-I've had almost all my remaining single friends get married
-A few friends have had their first (and in some cases) second child.
-I finally got a tattoo I've wanted for a long time (with more to come)
-Traveled a bit
-Saw some really good films, and some really bad films
-Laughed a lot
-Cried a lot
-Made some new friends (which has been a wonderful surprise)
-Still single

I also see that I REALLY need to just start journaling again.  I've said that before, but time to put that into effect again.

December 21st, 2007

"I will have vengence.  I will have salvation."

I decided I would go and see "Sweeney Todd...." this evening and I'm so glad to have finally seen this film.  When I first heard the popular stage musical was being adapted into a film (and by Tim Burton no less) I was keen to see how it would turn out.  After seeing the first trailer for the film a few months ago I was slightly underwhelmed (the look of the film was good but the little singing put in was quite weak) but luckily after hearing a few more singing clips throughout the months put my mind at ease.

Johnny Depp made a wonderful Sweeney Todd.  He really gave a great performance of a man bent on revenge.

Helena Bonham Carter wasn't quite working for me as Mrs. Lovett for about half the film but her interpretation finally moved onto my good side so I ended up liking her in the role (though her singing at times was boring).

Alan Rickman was good but due to many aspects of the stage musical being cut in the film I didn't feel his character received enough screen time. 

Timothy Spall was very good as Beadle Bamford.  Jane Wisener as Johanna and Jamie Campbell Bower as Anthony were good in their roles though a bit too baby faced for my liking (then again having them younger made it much more convincing that Depp was Johanna's father). 

I came away just loving almost every minute of it.  The look (sets, direction, lighting, make-up, costumes) were oh so perfect.  I was sad to find many of my favorite song montages were drastically changed or completely omitted but given the length of the film I can understand why certain decisions were made. 


More meat pies!!

October 2nd, 2007

Book meme taken from caoil!

These are the top 106 books most often marked as "unread" by LibraryThing's users. As usual, bold what you have read, italicize what you started but couldn't finish, and strike through what you couldn't stand. The numbers after each one are the number of LT users who used the tag of that book.

April 9th, 2007

My review (no spoilers)

Grindhouse: Planet Terror and Death Proof

I loved the whole experience!

Planet Terror: A film about zombies intermixed with little sides stories of a crazy husband, a love story, a BBQ recipe, a lesbian wife and why children shouldn't have guns. It's gory, it has cheesy/hilarious dialogue, a bad acting Quentin Tarantino and great performances by Rose McGowen and Freddy Rodriguez. This is the film that was written and directed by Robert Rodriguez. Great film!

Death Proof: This film dragged for the first 60 minutes but the more I look back on the whole Grindhouse experience the more I've come to like this one the most out of the two. It's rich in the Quentin Tarantino (this is the film he wrote and directed) dialogue that folks who've seen his films have become accustomed to and many have complained that is the downfall of this film but frankly I found that's what built up the film nicely. We learn about 7 interesting female characters and 1 male character in the first 60 mintues. Kurt Russell was fantastic in his role as were all the females in the film as well. The last 30 minutes of the film bring about a great car chase and a wonderful little twist (that had my entire theatre clapping and cheering). Fantastic film!

Intermixed in the whole Grindhouse experience were fake trailers that you just have to see to believe. All of them hilarious. 

And some interesting banter on my part regarding the film's less then stellar opening, some reasons for that and some silly talk going around the net...

Obviously there's nothing of any more interest going on in my life so I'll talk about some news regarding "Grindhouse".  So as many probably already know "Grindhouse" was a royal flop over the weekend (it scrounged up a measly $12 million).  So the guessing, of the many on the net, begins about why it may have flopped so badly. 

-Some say it was a bad weekend to open such a film.  Makes sense considering a lot of folks would travelling and spending time with family.  So more family oriented films would be watched over the weekend.

-Some are saying the 3 hour 15 minute running time turns audiences away.  I'm not convinced that's the reason.  Some of the biggest grossing films at the box office were 3 hours or more (Titanic, the Lord of the Ring Trilogy being two examples). 

There are even more reasons to list I'm sure.  Some more reasons (mainly the pubilicty or lack there of for the film) are talked about on AICN.


But the main subject being talked about is the rumor that the film might be cut in half in the U.S. (it's already set to be released as two films in Europe I hear) very soon to try and see if that will give better box office results.  I have a feeling this is just some silly talk that's come about recently and I just don't see it being split in two but what if does get split?  Well, certainly "Planet Terror" would garner more audiences than "Death Proof" (even though I liked "Death Proof" a little better) but the whole film experience would be ruined IMO.  Both films are incomplete in many respects (big chunks were 'cut' out of the films right from the get go for running time purposes) so I'm not sure how satisfied audiences would be. 

It's just been interesting to follow the talk on the web over the last few days regarding "Grindhouse".

March 18th, 2007


Since I want to keep some my mini reviews together (somewhat) I'll start posting them here as well.   One of goals was to start reading more from now on and so far I'm off to an OK start. 

Memory by Bennett Davlin

It was a little confusing at times, suspensful other times, intriguing all the way through. In an interestingly crafted book about a man with the ability to 'see'/'be' in the past all because of a mysterious drug from the rainforest in Brazil. There was too easy of a answer to one big mystery associated with the 'magic' drug but that's my only big gripe with the book. There were times were I a bit confused but overall it was a interesting book. And the wopper of a surprises at the end of the book were great (I never saw them coming...and it takes a good enough writer to achieve that where I'm concerned I find. It's not that I'm overlly cleaver but most writers make it too darn obvious most of the what the 'surprises' are). Good, fast read.

Thr3e by Ted Dekker

It was written by a Christian writer but it's not a Christian book really (at least not one I would put in the genre). It's a thriller about a man who is being terrorized by another man and has to confess something in public (though he has no idea what) and the longer he doesn't confess the more dangerous and horrible it becomes. Unfortunately I was able to guess what was going on in the story about 30 pages in. On the one hand it was good to find out (at the end) that I was right all along but on the other hand having figured it out so early on made the ending much more anti-climatic for me. It was written well enough but if you are just slightly attune to what's going on you can figure out what is happening pretty quickly.

A Brief History of the Dead - Kevin Brockmeier

An interesting story about two 'worlds', the real world and a world that exists filled with many of the dead. The dead only exist in this 'other world' as long as someone who remembers them is still living in the real world. Essentially the story is about a women in Antartica and the dead connected to her in the 'other world'. Lonliness and loss are a huge part of the story and the author successfully connected me (as a reader) to those themes very well. The ending left you wanting much more which made it almost perfect IMO. Just a pretty good, well told story.

Children of Men - P.D. James

This was the book that the film with the same name was based on. The book was totally different from the film. The basic premise of the book and character names were really the only thing that made it into the adaptation of the film. A very good book though but the film and book are really two seperate entities storywise.

Till We have Faces - C.S. Lewis 

I just finished this one.  I quite enjoyed it (though the main character's rants tended to get on my nerves at times.  At it's most basic it is a book about different loves (right or wrong that they may be) and the ramifications and lessons that can come from them.  It's a retelling of a Greek myth (Cupid and Pysche) by Lewis.  A very good read but "The Great Divorce" (by Lewis as well) still stands as my favorite of his works.

March 16th, 2007

How long has it been?

Quite awhile methinks. I've said it dozen's of times before and I'll say it again, I really need to buckle down and start updating my LJ at least once a week.

So let's see...my life.

2007 is certianly shaping up to be better than 2006. I know this is mainly due to my outlook since 2006 ended. 2006 wasn't such a great year for moi. I fell back into a very deep depression (that hung around me like a thick fog) but after much prayer, better thoughts and determination I was able to pick myself up (though it took my biggest efforts ever to do so)and start down that path of life again. My more positive outlook on life in general is showing through it seems since I've gotten a few comments about seeming happier. It's true, I am happier, much more positive but that doesn't mean I don't struggle with my depression everyday (but I'm ever so relieved to be in a better place then I was months ago).

Of course this all makes me wonder. Why is it easier for people to make comments or remark at your happiness but stay silent when you are in the depths of despair? Maybe they don't notice the bad? Maybe we hide the 'bad' easily? I just don't know, very odd.

Nothing to report on where work is concerned (except I've been incredibly busy since January and there seems to be no end in sight).

I've been reading a lot the last few months. It's been years since I was an avid reader so I decided it was time to just start picking up books from that stack I've been hording for over a year (at least 20 unread books in that pile). Hopefully I'll have them all read before the year is out. *crosses fingers*

Other than that I've just kept myself busy. I attended ORC last weekend (lot's of fun but I've come down with a nasty illness that I can't shake). I've had weddings and baby showers to attend in the last few months and have more to attend in the near future. When I have free time I take off somewhere to take pictures (most of the time it's the beach...my favorite places in the whole world).

And I suppose that's it for now. More book, movie and other things to ramble on about coming to LJ entry near you soon. :-)

November 26th, 2006

It's cold!!!

At least it is tonight! Finally the weather is turning cooler! Hopefully this means I can bring out my snazzy winter coat now. *crosses fingers*

November 21st, 2006

Shocking revelation....


ok not shocking...but perhaps it got your attention enough to skim through my boring LJ post hehe. 

I've been griping here and there about this oh so warm weather we've been having here in SoCal (and it's near the end of November).  I'm normally more of  a lover of warmer weather but not when it's all YEAR round!  I want cold gosh darnnit!  I'm even wanting to see snow!  And though I'd make a solo trip to actually see snow (maybe even make a snow angel...make some snowballs even) I don't really have the right vehicle to make it up to snow (never mind the amount of time it would take to get there).  So I'll just think about how nice a trip to the snow would have been.  Hopefully the weather will cool down though in the meantime.

In other randomness...

Scalding hot showers are wonderful after a not so good day at work.

Pesto mixed with cheese totillini is oh so good.

I can't wait till the start of my 5 day weekend!  Catch up on reading, watch some movies, eat some good food, spend time with family I don't see often, perhaps bring my camera along (going to San Diego for Thanksgiving) and be a bit of a shutter bug. 

I really need to make some headway on Christmas shopping, but not this weekend...heavens no.

November 20th, 2006

(no subject)


After church today I wasn't in the mood to waste the day sitting at home so I drove down the PCH to Santa Monica.  The water was as beautiful as could be on the way down.  There were many times I wanted to stop and take some pictures but I really didn't have time (since I started on my way down to Santa Monica so late).  It took me about an hour to make it down there and a little while to find a parking spot.  I walked around a section of 3rd street promenade, grabbed some food and then headed to the pier.

It's been at least 6 months since I've been to Santa Monica so I always forget all the polictical, activisim and street performers that happens down there.  Pamplets being handed out right and left, people with a microphone and PA type system preaching or trying to teach, oh and my all time favorite....Psyhic CAT!!!  Oh how I've missed psyhic cat .  Walking around the pier was nice (as always) though it was pretty crowded...of course given it was Sunday that's a given.  I snapped some pictures while I was there so for those interested....


After my time on the pier I made my way back to my car and headed back up the PCH for home.  I had lots of fun taking my last minute road trip (of sorts) but am exhausted now. 

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